Drinking coffee/nescafe

If u had miscarriage, it is ok to drink coffee? Black coffee with sugar or instant coffee can? I know milo is okay. Thank you

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Tulis jawapan

Hi TracyB, thanks for posting. As with all things, enjoy in moderation. Coffee has not been proven to affect pregnancies, or women who have miscarried either. Here's a quick read about pregnancy myths that might help clear the air. https://my.theasianparent.com/mysteries-of-pregnancy-unveiled/web-view?utm_source=search&utm_medium=app

Baca lagi
5y ago

Thank you for this appreciate it

It's okay to drink plain coffee after delivery so I think it's okay to have it after miscarriage as well...

5y ago

Oh jst plain coffee. Not instant coffee. Means drink plain coffee with sugar its okay. Alright thank you