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Hi. I am a working single mother with sole custody. I just paid full deposit of my child fees $880 including registration for next year child care in Nursery. I was being told that the childcare will only start processing those documents on the first day. So means i need to fork out $780 for school fees from Jan to when?? I dont know how the processing time will takes? Anyone can advise me. I find it ridiculous if the processing takes longer. Documents all submitted n i did asked the staff to check if anything missing. She said all in. How??

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Government will definitely subsided with the letter of employment as a proof for the childcare that you are working. Don't worry, standard practice.

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Usually registration fees, one month deposit and first month fees when start.

They will adjust the fees, dun worry . U will pay under subsidized rate.

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You will still pay subsidies rate no matter what

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That said, best to check with school

Subsidized rates but check w school