Nausea and vomiting

Hi, I am at week 5 and have been feeling nauseous and have been vomiting throughout today. Is this normal and do you have suggestions on how to alleviate sickness ? Thanks!

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Don't let your tummy empty. The more empty, the more nauseous you will feel. Totally normal to have morning sickness at the early stage of pregnancy till end of 1st trimester (if you're lucky). Eat bland foods like porridge or snacks on plain biscuits. If you can't drink plain water cos taste funny to you, drink 100 plus or isotonic/sports drink to keep you hydrated. Home remedies like drink ginger tea, etc. may not work for everyone so I suggest you ask your gynae for some anti nausea pills or buy the anti nausea band at Guardian

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3y ago

Noted, thanks!