Low placenta

I was told tht im able to try for a normal birth . But the gynae i got during check up today kinda piss me off . Was wondering if i go for vaginal scan and end up with emergency C sect will the bills be expensive thn me choosing for c sect straight ? Any mom was given an option ?

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E-Csect is always more expensive than scheduled Csect. And in the event if you intend to go for normal and have to go for ecsect, most likely they will charge you for both birth methods. Rest more, avoid carrying heavy stuffs, avoid walking too much, avoid sex and exercise. Did you gynae mention if there is still time or chances for your placenta to move?

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1y ago

She mention my placenta is far from cervix about 3.2cm . Theres a chance i could “TRY” for normal birth .. hence im stressing out actually to opt for csect or try for vaginal 😭 as i have a 11 mnths old boy with me to .. nt sure if csect is a good idea 🥲