i was latching on dd during my ML and boby started to sync with baby's feeding. after i go back to work and started pumping, my body seems no longer in sync with my baby's feeding. now she sometimes sleep thru the night yet my boobs are up for pumping in the middle of the night. any other mumies have similar issues? how do you resolve this?

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What you are experiencing is normal. I had the same problem as you. As babies get bigger and their tummies can hold more milk hence their feeding hours stretches. Do you feel engored in the mid of the night?If you do, suggest you pump out the milk. I try to let baby sleep throughout the day so that my sleep is not disrupted. I will wake up earlier to pump and leave for work. Having enough rest helps in producing more milk.

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4y ago

yes, engorge in the middle of the night. cannot tahan so i will need to pump... end up i dont to rest even bb can sttn. scare to stop pumping in case supply drops