I want to give my baby home made purees. But I am a working mum and would like to make a batch and freeze. How long can I freeze the purees for? Any fruits/vegetables puree that I should not freeze?

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Yes, definitely! I work full time so my mum helps me care for my son when I am away. I usually make batches enough for the week so that it's easier for my mum to prepare meals for my son. What I do is to puree fruits and vegetables and freeze them in ice trays with cling wraps. Once frozen, I would transfer them into ziplock bags with labels for easy reading. For my mum, she would cook the porridge in the electric lunch box and pop in whatever she needs from the ziplock bags so that my son gets a variety. Avocadoes & Bananas, best not to freeze.

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Yes you can prepare solids in advance and freeze them. As baby is not taking in a large amount of food yet, so freezing make it more economical and time savings. Most of the vegetables and fruits can be freezed. You can buy a tray/cubes to make the freezing and defrosting easier, e.g. Beaba Food Freezer Tray is recommended. Fruits such as avocado can be eaten by scrapping on the spot and thus freezing is not needed.

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Yes yes you can! As the mom above mentioned best not to freeze bananas and advocados. Go with pear, carrots, brocolli these are all fine.