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Hi , i just want to know anyone who has had this problem like me, my son, two months, ten days, drinking milk lesser, i make 3 oz. Everytime leftover , not finished How should I solve this problem? My son is drinking NAN H.A milk powder or because of the milk taste.

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Hmm, there could be many reasons why he's suddenly not finishing his milk. Is 3 oz what he's been taking since birth or? Their stomachs are still quite small at the moment so that might be a reason your son prefers smaller but more frequent feeds! Another thing is, is there a reason why your son is on NAN HA formula? It's a hypoallergenic formula meant for babies with cow milk allergy, so you can go with the normal NAN Optipro if he doesn't have it. Reason being, it's further broken down and some also may feel it tastes bitter!

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4y ago

I see, it could be because he isn't used to the formula taste - or just that he's having a growth spurt! Sorry I can't help much, been a while since my son is at that stage (he's 26mo now) so I can't really recall much ... But as long as he is happy and active with regular wet diapers then it's fine, don't worry too much!