Difference between private & subsidized patient at KKH

Hi Mummies. What’s the difference between both? I asked for a fixed gynae and they said it will be private.

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If you would like a fixed gynae would be private which means he/she will be your gynae that will do all your check up from pregnancy till birth. This falls under Clinic B. Having said that, gynae of your preferred choice are subject to their availability, if they are available to fit in you during your EDD and check up (most of the popular gynae can have their calendar fill up for months.) If you are under subsidize patient mostly will be any available doctor on duty that will be checking on your pregnancy till birth. Which means under Clinic C.

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2mo ago

To add on, subsidised means..if the pregnancy is uncomplicated/not high risk, you'll be seeing in clinic whoever the MO/registrar are on clinic duty during your appt date. Then when you go into labour, the one helping deliver will be the registrar on call - this can be different from the obgyns that you've been seeing in clinic (: However if the pregnancy becomes high-risk at any point in time as it progresses, there's usually a referral to a high risk specialty team even for subsidised patients - you can't choose the exact gynae but you'll still be within the care of the ones more well-versed in maternal-fetal medicine