Different ratio for formula milk

Hi, i just switch from Nestle nanpro to Similac formula milk and noticed that the powder-water ratio is different. My LO is 1mth, and for Nestle they recommend 4 scoops to 120ml water, while Similac is 2 scoops to 60ml water? My nanny told me to just stick with 4 scoops even though im feeding Similac now.. is this right?

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what is the ratio difference? 4 scoop = 120ml, 2 scoop =60ml, same what? 1 scoop =30ml. As for the baby she will drink as much as she can take. my girl even I gave her 100ml, she will still stop at 50-60ml

Stick to the tin instructions. As some formula scoop is bigger that’s why 2 scoop. Just stick to the instructions, if given too much scoop formula might cause constipation.

I think i was trying to figure out if i should give 120ml or 60ml? Guess i would have to play by ear!

Hi, I would suggest refer to the instructions on the packaging as every brand has different ratios

Similac scoop is bigger (double the size) hence only 2 scoops to 120ml.

Got to stick to the instructions on the tin

Stick to the instructions on the milk tin

Stick to what the tin says

Follow instruction on tin