I want to cook my wife something delicious for her birthday this weekend. She's on a diet but I want her "cheat day" to be super special. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

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How about some romantic dinner recipes like Thai Red Curry Shrimp, Roasted Spiced Leg of Lamb or Chili Lamb Steak with Roasted Vegetables? It would be definitely lovely to dine with these delicious meals served. You may add a glass of wine. Here's a link of the recipes: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/food-cocktails/a5567/romantic-dinner/

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You can go to this site for ideas: http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/healthy-and-delicious/ They detail the recipes step by step, and other people on the site can comment on the recipes to add their own input etc. I've done a few of their recipes and they're really good!

I suggest you prepare her favorite dish! You can probably ask her mom or any of her siblings for help to cook this, and I think she would really appreciate it if you poured your whole effort into preparing it for her birthday! Goodluck!

Don't forget her dessert. Because (your) sweetness is (our) weakness. Good luck!