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Hi I want to ask how did your train your 1 month old to sleep on his or her own? My baby is 1 month 20 days and I have been training her to sleep on her own with techniques like swaddle,keep room dark, let her self soothe, pacifier, but still she can't sleep well in the night. It's really tiring as a mum and I can't sleep in the night also, cos I will be thinking when will she start crying again. Wonder how do your cope and do your feel the same way as me.. hope your can give me some encouraging advice . Thanks! I keep telling myself to hang in there but really I need to voice out sometimes .

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It’s very normal for baby to wake up 3hrly for milk , and they can slp through the night when they are ready. You cannot slp train ur 1 mo old. They are super reliant on you for food and comfort at this stage. You can take turns with ur hubby to wake up to feed baby, or just nap in the daytime when baby nap.

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