I use these Philips Avent storage cups to store my milk in the fridge. I sterilize them after every use. is this ok? Do these cups have a certain "shelf life" for repeated sterilization?

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Been using the same storage cups for almost 2 years, with milk, baby food and other food items. They are good as long as there are no cracks or damage to the lids. These cups are meant to withstand the daily rigors of babyhood :-) But just make sure to clean it, specially the lids. Watch out for moulds too. After a year, I don't sterilize them as much. Just wash them with soap and dry afterwards should be fine. Also, for storing breastmilk, I would highly recommend using, those disposable plastic storage bags (which is intended for bm). You don't need to sterilize them and they save soooo much space in the freezer compared to these storage cups. The cups will be good for packing baby food. I use them in the microwave or use those bottle warmers to warm the food. I am happy with these cups :-)

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Are you using these storage cups? They are meant to withstand repeated use and sterilisation. According to their FAQ page, you don't have to replace the cups but it is recommended to inspect the storage cups before each use to make sure there is no wear and tear. Replace the lids or cups at the first sign of damage or weakness.

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6y ago

oh ok thanks!!

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The lifespan is about 6 months same as milk bottle. As long u see scratches, it's best to change, before it's released toxin into the milk.

im using the avent storage for my bb too . so far so good. but my wife mention if 5 to 6 month it better to change

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I have these cups too - and been using them for last 4 months. No issues yet

Sorry forgot to attend the picture, but are these the cups you are using?

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My wife used for half year , no issue .now she put fruit and vegetable

I using tis for the past 5 month.. so far so good..