can i use make up?

Hi! I just tested positive 2 days ago! Yay! Just wondering if i can continue using my make up to work? (Laneige cc cream, eye liner and blusher) :)

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Congrats to you. Yes you can still. Ame up but check the ingredient see if there any harsh chemical in it? Preservative is one of the killer too. There are harsh and safe preservative. If you want can photo the brand or ingredient I help you see

You can still continue to put on make up, just that for me cause I have nausea whenever I smell the foundation and decided to skip my make up routine 😂😂😂

Congrats! Yes you can still put on make up. Please do while you still have the mood. I totally have no feels for make up at all throughout my whole pregnancy😂

Congrats on your bundle of joy!! Yes, you still can. Even when a women is pregnant she still can look and feel good, with makeup as a way to love herself

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Yes .. as long as u don’t hv any allergic to anything.. sometimes in pregnancy time we r bcome more sensitive for things

Hello! Can I also ask if using normal facial mask sheets like “ my beauty diary” is fine too?


Congratulations! Yeah ... you can continue using make up. Be the gorgeous mama that you are 😉

Yes can use. Just that I lost interest on doing make up after pregnant hahahaahha

Yes. All pregnant Mommies deserve to look beautiful😍😘

Yes why not.. just need to clean up properly in the evening