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Hi! I just tested positive using over the counter pregnancy test kit. Using a pregnancy app,I am now 5 weeks 5 days. Where do I go for my first appointment? Do I go GP and get referral letter? Or can I make s straight appoinment to the hospital? Should I be going to the doctor soon for the appointment or just wait a little later as I am a diabetic.

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Best to book an appointment now. I only got a date a month after my polyclinic visit. If your gestation date is correct, you can already see your baby at 6 weeks old and even hear the heartbeat. To be a private patient - go straight to your preferred hospital for an appointment. For subsidy - Go to the polyclinic or better book an online appointment via Healthub app (saves time!) for a referral letter to your preferred hospital (NUH, KKH, etc.)

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2y ago

Thank you. Will go for the Healthub app.