I am supposed to send my 3m+ baby to infant care next week. However, was informed of a case of HFMD in the kindergarten class. Experienced mummies, shld i send my baby as planned or should i send him at a later date?

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Is the ifc and kindergarten class being separated? Some school is separated hence it's not high risk, if it's not, and u have helper to look after, better keep at home, till they clean the school properly 1st. If not, u r the one tt is going to suffer "if, choy choy," really so lucky la. Cause 3 months old is more than difficult to handle than older kids and it's also not recommend parents to keep carry LO if they got hfmd also. So really depend on the situation.

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hmmm, it depends on if the other kids have been infected too? what does the school advise?

6y ago

only 1 case and it is with the kindergarten class.

I will send him at a later date if i do not have anything on. Just to be safe.