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I am still in first trimester at 8 weeks. Is it safe to go for booster shot? Planning to do it before this 14th otherwise I can't go to much places right? Any mummies have gone for your booster shot too?

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Booster is safe for all trimesters, but some doctors ask to wait until 2nd trimester to be safe. It is best you confirm with your doctor.I haven't taken mine as advised by doctor. As for the vaccination status, it depends when you got your 2nd jab. You can check by clicking on your Trace Together app "Status valid until". So not everyone status will change on Feb 14 "From Feb 14, those aged 18 and above will have to take a booster shot within 270 days of completing their primary vaccination series in order to maintain a fully vaccinated status."

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Hi i'm pregnant with 20 weeks now and done with my booster shot today , just share the feedback . I feel very tired after booster shot and my arm and my shoulder is aching now plus neck pain . I ask them at the vaccine centre they said it safe for pregnant mom to take the booster shot .

Hi I just did my booster shot at week 14 too. Gynae said it was ok. The people at the Center also said ok for pregnant to take booster. But I experienced headache, slight fever, body aches and more puking than usual after eating. Hopefully will pass after a few days.

I’ve gone for my booster shot at 11 weeks. I think with the rise in cases, better to get boosted soon. Nonetheless, check with your gynae to see if you’re good to go.

my gynae highly recommended for pregnant individuals to take booster as we are considered high risk. took mine with no side effects at all 👍

Gynae advised me to take mine during second trimester. Will be taking the shot next week. Kinda worried but the doctor gave the green light!

My gynae told me to only get my booster shot in week 16, but if vaccination status becomes ineffective by then, then get it in week 14.

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I’ve done mine and the vaccination Center dr told me is to take the booster even in future my baby might not require vaccination

I went for my booster shot during my 1st trimester too. Its best to seek advice from your gynae before proceeding.

Hi I done mine at week 9! So far no issues. Just went for my scan I’m at week 12 now