I just started my baby with puree. However as im a working mom, i do not have time to prepare fresh puree fast as my LO is in ifc and reached home will play short while then sleep. So i need to give her puree immediately when i reach home. Can puree be pre-prep and store in fridge and is it advisable to do so? (Lost nutrients etc?)

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Hi, u can definitely prepare puree the night b4 and freeze . But jus to share .. I'm also a working mom and baby goes to ifc.. I insisted on preparing puree fresh .. Jus my own personal preference .. What I do is , I bought the Avent 4-in-1 steamer and blender . It is really useful for preparing puree. You jus need to cut and wash the veggie or fruit puree that u wanna serve for that evening , then throw inside the Avent steamer/blender to steam for 15-20 mins (depending on what food, they include a useful booklet which will tell you which food steam for how long) . You jus set the time and it will beep and auto switch off once steaming is done and you can turn it over and blend to the consistency u want and voila! You have fresh and warm puree ready to give to your LO :) I find it really convenient :)

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Yes you can definitely do that. What I used to do was to puree veg/fruits every week and put them in the freezer and use it daily throughout the week. If you're planning to keep them in the fridge, try not to exceed 48 hours for freshness. As for freezer, I try to keep mine for a max of 2 weeks (guideline says 1-3months). Don't forget to introduce 1 food at a time and wait 3 days to see if your child has any allergies. Happy weaning!

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thank you so i can prepare the night before n keep in fridge to be served for nxt day dinner ya as it is less than 48 hrs...

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Yes, you can! If you intend to store them in the fridge, can only store for 3 days max for vegetable and fruits puree. Can keep longer if you are storing them in the freezer. Do take note to keep them in the upper shelf in an airtight container (not at the door because the temperature will change whenever you open the door and will cause bacteria)

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I m a wking mom. Usually i prepare in e morning. N pack it in a container. My mom will feed her. I do daily n its fresh. For me i think that there is no nutritions

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Yes, you can. Can search on Youtube and see how to make 3 days to 1 week meal for baby at 1 time then keep in fridge and use 😊 very convenient

I prepare once a week then store it in the freezer. When I want to use I just heat up

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Yes, you can purée in the morning or the night before and Keep it in the fridge.

Can batch cook it and freeze in ice cube tray. I only cook purree once a week