Is it okay to have tooth extraction during pregnancy?

I really cant take the pain. My mouth is swollen due to my teeth that needs to be extracted asap. But I am very worried that it may affect my baby. Can someone if its okay? My OB told me its okay even first trimester? I am taking antibiotic bec of it that was prescribe by OB and after 1 week she told me I can have my tooth extract. Just need your advise. Thank you. Btw I am 8weeks pregnant.

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It’s okay momsh as long as you get your clearance from your OB. My cousin also got her tooth extracted even pregnant. Pinatanggal lang muna yung maga at sakit kase di talaga bubunutin ng dentist yan pagmaga pa.

sinabi naman na pala ng OB mo na okay lang eh. sundin mo nalang OB mo kung gusto mo talaga matanggal ang sakit.