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Hi mommies 😊 Does anybody here experience tooth extraction while pregnant ? I am currently 27 weeks and 6 days now. And I need to have a front tooth extraction because my front tooth was broken. I went to the dentist and she said it is okay to have a tooth extraction if my tummy is already 7 months. Is it risky or harmful for the baby ? Can anyone help please ? Thanks !

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Safe nman pag yun sinabi ng doctor pra hnd kayo mg suffer if mag sakit momsh

4y ago

Yes momsh sabi nang dentist 7 months daw pwede na i extract. Kasi if I'll wait after delivery daw maghihintay na naman ako nang 6 months pag normal 1 year pag CS bago maka pa extract nang ngipin. I aslo ask naman din my friend na dentistry student and mama nya dentist marami na daw sila na bunotan na preggy.