can I put my s1 on top of fridge-to-go inside bag? I understand loss of hair is normal after birth, how do u mummies cope? do u go for treatment or use any particular shampoo? my husband has been saying my hair is everywhere in the house and I get upset whenever I shower, comb, blow dry or even tie my hair....

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It shd b ok to hv yr S1 inside or on top. No issues. I used to put my Avent dual pump with my ice pack and it has been working for at least 9 years till date. Hair loss is cos of lack of calcium and the lost of yr nutrients during pregnancy. I had hairloss since bb is 3mths old till about 7mths. As my hair is very thick, it doesn't bother me abt being bald but it is irritating when i see chucks of hair. As I'm aware that this is part of post delivery, i ignored it. So far so good. Been through 4 pregnancies and they r all the same.

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To answer your first question, not too sure if you mean put your s1 inside the fridge bag or on top of the fridge bag but reckon either way will be ok. Don't think your bag or s1 will get damaged. As for the hair loss, a special hair loss shampoo would help. My friend uses Phyto care shampoo, those are easily available in Watsons and Guardian. She also cut her long hair short so that her hair loss would not be too obvious.

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5y ago

I also thinking of cutting hair short... but considering at home doing house chores or attending to LO, might wanna tie hair... if too short then unable to tie n block eye view...

hair loss from 3rd to 6th months is normal due to hormones. try using hair loss prevention shampoo and cut hair short. cos long hair is heavier n resulted more hair loss. personally i find avoid tying hair....