Hair loss…

Why after 4month of postpartum i have lots of excessive loss hair?? Is it normal? And how do i need to go for treatment?

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Hi mummy! It is normal due to hormonal changes. You may consider cutting your hair short so it doesn’t seem like you are losing hair excessively. I cut my hair short and used hair loss shampoo (from loreal paris). Currently at 7 months pp and my hair loss is not too bad now!

Yes very normal.. My hair was dropping like crazy… cut it short still have hair loss but better than having long hair. Tried hair loss shampoo doesn’t really help. After I stop breastfeeding then the hair loss stopped already

Hi Suhaila, best solution for hair loss is to cut hair short. Trust me i tried everything it works best

1y ago

I tried cutting its better

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Very normal to have scary hair loss. It’ll get better as time goes.. try a hair loss shampoo?

takes me around 9 months to have my hair back to normal

me too. doesn't help tt my gal keep pulling them too

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yes normal, should get better after sometime