Weird pregnancy behaviours your partners have while you were pregnant?

I noticed my husband display random PMS behaviour. He was never like this before! And a friend's husband craved for meat during her entire pregnancy (she had no cravings whatsoever)! Curious to know if others experience this too!

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Nothing special for my hubby though he’s more anxious and concerned about me and baby’s health safety. He’s very worried about carrying the virus home from work so take extra precautions to wash up after returning home from work. He’s also monitoring me for my diet and becomes angry with me if I eat too much sweet stuff.

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Yess i always joke around and say that he is also pregnant. Dont know how true, but came across an article online about husband also go thru a "sympathy pregancy" lol.

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oh yesss!! i heard abt husbands get pregnancy syndrome too! mine was he always sensitive over lil things and craves more food than me 🤔😅

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my hubby he vomits on my behalf 😄while i didn't really feel like vomiting anything..

Yup my husband suddenly has mood swings altho I’ve been pretty chill throughout haha

my husband craves for lots of food. nowadays he drinks bubble tea everyday... hahahha.

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yes affect husbands too HAHAH my spouse, he's very emotional and yea craving alot too

Hubby's morning sickness was worst than mine at the beginning. Haha

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Yes it affects husband too. For me I wanted to eat more seafoods