Breast Milk Or Formula Milk

I am a new mum, to a 10 days old baby. I know that in the beginning, the milk supply will be little and if you continuously nurse your baby, the more milk you produce. but i am getting little milk so far, and i am afraid that i haven't been feeding my baby well. so my doctor suggested that i should give my baby formula milk, just to add on to my breast milk so that my baby is well fed. i am getting tired of pumping my milk out and seriously considering to just stick to formula milk. i am seeing how these few weeks will go then i will decide whether to keep pumping or stick to formula. cause it was after giving my baby formula milk, my baby has been pooping and urinating well, even grow heavier. so my question is, which is better? should i continue giving my baby the breast milk?

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September when i gave birth to my boy same thing happened to me but people around me told me what to do so is up to you to decide. If you wanna continue letting your baby have breast milk, you can try power pump once or twice a day (pump 20 mins, rest 10 mins, pump 10 mins, rest 10 mins), have lactation food, drink milk, consume greek yogurt, lactation cookies, brownies or even consume oats these boost milk supply, consume them an hour before pump. Lactation food you can look for Bakingmama or Chubs from Instagram.

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