Breast Milk Or Formula Milk

I am a new mum, to a 10 days old baby. I know that in the beginning, the milk supply will be little and if you continuously nurse your baby, the more milk you produce. but i am getting little milk so far, and i am afraid that i haven't been feeding my baby well. so my doctor suggested that i should give my baby formula milk, just to add on to my breast milk so that my baby is well fed. i am getting tired of pumping my milk out and seriously considering to just stick to formula milk. i am seeing how these few weeks will go then i will decide whether to keep pumping or stick to formula. cause it was after giving my baby formula milk, my baby has been pooping and urinating well, even grow heavier. so my question is, which is better? should i continue giving my baby the breast milk?

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Hi mummy, I am thinking of giving up giving BM. My milk supply extremely low too. I can only pump like 1ml in the beginning.Ate cookies 🍪 managed pump abt 40ml. I tried give whatever I can pump to my 11 days old baby. Most time I give her formula milk 🥛, today the doctor said she has put weight 3.2kg to 3.6kg. Motherhood not easy try ur best!

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honestly breastmilk is definitely better than FM. to increase your supply you should latch instead of pumping it works better. if really there's no choice got to only pump then you should pump 2 hourly to stimulate the supply means while you can feed BM and follow baby cue with topping up of FM when necessary

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Breast milk is definitely the best, and as advised by your doctor, do supplement it with formula milk if your milk supply is low right now. At the same time, dosome research on what you can eat/drink to increase your milk supply. You can even try lactation cookies, brownies, drinks! All the best ❤️

I dont latch after 3 weeks for both my kids.. too troublesome and time consuming.. I just pump out and let anyone in the house to bottle feed breast milk in the day and one feed of formula in the night since back from hospital and also we can go back sleep asap...

Go with whatever that makes your baby feels full. It's ok if you can't bf. Not everyone has milk or is an oversupplier. Pumping is very tiring. So FM to the rescue 😊 My children are FM babies and they grow up well & healthy.

breastmilk takes a while to come in, and supply takes time to regulate. I supplement with fm for the 1st 1 to 2 weeks and stop after my supply is sufficient. do what u feel is best!

You can do both if you milk supply isn't enough then you can use formula milk to top up

i also gave FM due to work i cant be with him most time and cant really pump!

Would recommend breastmilk!