baby food recipe for 10month old

My baby dont like to eat porridge. She will only eat 3 mouth of her porridge or cereal and refuse to take in more. She only enjoy eating fruits and snacks. Really don't know what to give her. Can anyone share their baby food recipe with me pls... #advicepls #pleasehelp

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Hi I totally understand and can relate . Mine is exactly the same . So wat I did , was I change my baby's menu . From porridge to pasta . I also did mac n cheese . Then u can get back to porridge again . Try to rotate baby's menu . U can also serve boiled eggs as snack , give them more proteins . And a 10 months old does not need so much of food . Can start from 1 bowl and gradually increase to 2 . As long she still takes in her milk intake as per normal , u don't need to worry so much , all the best !!

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3y ago

Swiss cheese is good too , can be found at cold storage or Jason's supermarket . Its 23g per 1 oz of cheese . The lesser sodium , the better .