Sorry to ask, but please enlighten me of my thoughts. Please respect my post. Wag po judgemental.

I am married to man for 4 years now. Before we got married I know he has a son from the first family. He said he will support the child even we are already married. Then, we got married without knowing he has his own plan. That he will continue his relationship to the mother of the child, means they still a family. I don't know what should be call to me, yes I am the legal wife but a mistress at the same time😥 In 4years of our marriage, they had additional 2 additional member of thier family. I don't know why I tolerate him. Giving me so much pain makes me mentally ill😥 I don't want to have a broken family, we have a daughter. He is a good father to our child. No questions of that. But time and priority are the big issue. I am thinking to let him go but I don't know how to make that happened😥

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Honest answer po, just let him go and give love to yourself. Make sure that he's there for your child but you deserve better. If you don't do it, parang 2 kayo na asawa. It's unfair for everyone except for the guy.