breastfeeding to formula feeding

I would like to seek advice from mommies who have switched from breastfeeding to formula. My questions are: 1. How do you make the transition for your baby smoothly? 2. Have you experienced any probs with lactose intolerance, rejection, fussiness etc.? How did you manage all these when you have completely weaned the baby off breast milk? Many thanks.

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Tulis jawapan
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Hi may I know the baby age and why are you switching the milk?

3y ago

Thanks for the adv. I also have problems with pumping -1) I kept getting plugged ducts every time i pump and 2) my job nature has it that it's hard for me to take time out to pump. No proper place to pump also. As it is now, I don't have enough to DF even with both breasts. She cries after every feed and I have to supplement with FM. My baby's paed has prescribed a fm brand for us. She's taken fm in the first week of birth as I didn't hv milk then.