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Hi, I like to deliver my baby at Thomson medical and would prefer a good and experienced male gynae. It would be better if Gynae clinic is located in the North East area. Any recommendations?

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My gynae is Dr AL Lim whose clinic is in Thomson itself. He has more than 30 years experience and I was delivered by him 33 years ago so I’m going to him to deliver my first. Many of my cousins were delivered by him many years ago too.

I recommend TC Chang at WC Cheng & associates. He’s very good and experienced with high risk pregnancy. He’s pro normal delivery, but If you must get a c-section, his lower bikini cut stitches are very tidy.

Hi - I’m seeing Dr TC Chang at Thomson medical currently and he’s very professional and gentle, he’s also the head of fetal assessment department and so very experienced! highly recommend !

Not sure abt north east. But i know sembawang has thomson clinic. I recommend Dr Lawrence Ang. He delivered my second son at 35 weeks. He was amazing.

just sharing a contact in the east at Tampines, if it's not too fat for you & your partner. Thomson's Women Clinic - Dr wong heng fok

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hi hi, have you delivered? if so don't mind can share the final bill you had with DR wong? thanks

I recommend Dr Tan Kai Lit, personally feels that he is quite reliable, skillful and easy going.

I recommend Dr Tan Kai Lit. He is caring and professional

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Try Dr Benjamin Tham from Thomson Medical

Dr Chow raffles medical

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My life saver!