Any gynae to recommend that delivers at Mt Alvernia?

Hi all, I am looking for recommendation of a gynae that delivers in Mt Alvernia. I have no preference for male or female, but if there are any whose clinic in in the north, or at Mount A, it would be great. Many thanks in advance!

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I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Chua Yang of Mount Alvernia Hospital when I was pregnant. I had a C-section delivery and there were lots of complications. But, the doctor made me comfortable, answered all my questions, and gave effective treatment. She’s a very nice gynae and very considerate.

3y ago

Hi, How much did you spend for your checks up and delivery wit this doctor? Thank you! Highly recommend Dr Crystal Chin Hsuan her clinic is at TMC but she do help patience who choose to deliver their baby at Mt Alvernia. She is very gently, friendly, her stitching are great and she will give advises

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Hey fellow Mummas! I have done some research and shortlisted the most popular gynaecologists at Mount Alvernia Hospital. Dr Chen Lin Han Dr Chua Yang Dr Goh Shen Li Dr Caroline Khi Yu May Dr Candice Wang Peiying

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If you are looking for a recommended gynae in Mount Alvernia Hospital Singapore, here are some of the top choices: Dr Candice Wang Peiying Dr Adrian Tan Chek Jin Dr Caroline Khi Yu May Dr Candice Wang Peiying

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Chua Yang - she has 27 years experience, I has been with her ,package is good ! She is very caring n friendly doctor ! :)

3y ago

Hello, How much did pay for the package and the delivery costs? Thank you!

Dr Chen Lin Han. Super nice guy and he always answer my queries. He got a clinic at chong Pang and at mount A.


Dr James lee. He sees consult at bishan, novena and punggol.

Dr Ben Choey at W Gynae located at AMK central

Dr. Tony Tan at Mt A

3y ago

i Mel, saw your reply while researching more on Dr Tony Tan at Mt A. How is his charges and your delivery experience with him? Thanks in advance for the sharing :)