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For those who are under KKH private patient, does your gynae do the ultrasound for you personally or ask you to go through a sonographer first before seeing Dr?

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Yes! Gynae has been doing ultrasound for me personally at every check! For the first 4 months, I requested for scans via vagina cause wanna get nicer & clearer baby photo 😂

Yes, gynae did the ultrasound scans for me personally when i was a private patient at kkh. Except for the detailed scan at week 20, which was done by sonographer.

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Most scans are at gynae clinic. Only went for more detailed scan by sonographer for 2times. Once at 12 weeks +/- and another at 20weeks +/-.

in her clinic yes she does, for special ultrasound we need to go respective room and the specialist do it

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yes! at every appointment they will do except for the detailed 20 weeks scan.