I know you're not supposed to stick a cotton bud into baby's ear, but I see some dirt there. Should I just let it be?

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Yes. Let it be. It's perfectly fine to leave baby's earwax unattended as it will not cause infection nor affect their hearing. Do not insert anything into baby's ear canel as it may damage the eardrum. Only clean baby's ear external with wash cloth while bathing. http://www.parents.com/advice/babies/health/how-should-i-clean-my-babys-ears/

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The ear is self cleaning. Sticking a cotton bud into your baby's ear may cause the ear wax to be impacted, creating more problems. The wax that you see will gradually be pushed out when your baby suckles. http://www.babycenter.com/0_earwax-buildup_10871.bc

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really good to know... thanks for all the answers.. learned something new today.. (@dazzle haha must be hard for OCD parents! i'd really want to clean it too.....)

Please let it be you don't want to hurt your little one. Ear wax will drop off on it's own or you can bring baby to a GP to have it cleaned up.

You can use baby ear wax drop and drip some into baby's ear. The wax will drop out after it dried.

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@darius exercising all my self control!!! Thank you mums! :)