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May I know what brand of formula milk do you standby for your newborn? Or do you wait until baby is out and follow base on what hospital feed baby in the hospital?

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I only bought after we left the hospital. I wanted to try to breastfeed fully but our latch was having issues. I bought nan optipro based on recommendation from family and friend. My baby had no issues with constipation while being on supplemented formula feed for 3 months. But I must say she is a bit more phlegmy after formula feeds as compared to expressed breastmilk. SGH gave Lactogen small bottles, which honestly only lasted for 2 feeds cause during thr first few feeds my baby only drank 45-50ml but the bottles are 100ml each and they have to be discarded within one hour of opening.

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i bought base on what kkh fed. Dulac then i change to s26 to help my baby's weight grow as she was considered small for full term baby. also i use formula milk as i couldn't produce bm. my advice is to go for what u can afford. doesn't means cheap means no good. as its a long term thing, do consider properly. 😁

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I followed hospital brand (Aptamil) hence only bought it after I discharged. Tried changing to Enfamil in between (as baby seems to puke out quite often at some point of time) but baby becomes constipated so changed back. Now that we are back to the hospital brand baby seems good again.

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I standby karihome for my second baby cause the hospital that im gg to deliver usually provided dulac which im not so into even my first can't consume dulac due to constipation.

I bought a tin 400g of Enfamil to bring to hospital. At the end, hospital also fed baby with Enfamil. Then we continue to feed baby with Enfamil after going home.

I standby Similac but after baby was born, found that it’s not suitable. Trying Enfamil now. Bought both at small tins so as not to waste.

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observe the bowel movements. if no constipation.. and baby is consuming well then you're all good. you can eventually tell


i bought a nan for standby because nan is closest to bm. but my girl was given similac in hospital.

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Followed what was first given in the hospital for the first 3 months