Can 1mth 2 week baby sit in car seat?

I know baby have to sit in car seat since born. However, my in law said its a no to put baby in car seat. Still too young! As long as there is a baby seat in car, u can carry baby. And baby seat can only put at the center back, as its tied by safety belts from the left and right. Is that so?

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I put both my babies in car seat since discharge from hospital. car seat will have inserts suitable for newborn and with the belt tighten, they won't be able to move much of their head n body. its safer and more stable in car seat then carry. Lta ruling also need car seat for bb till 7yo. I put both car seats on the left n right leaving middle empty. child lock the car. I have friends who don't put in car seat and in the end, the bb dislike sitting in car seat n will cry murder, making them difficult to drive out alone with bb

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If no one else is in the car except you (driver), then baby must be in the car seat, secure tightly. No, no need center back. Nowadays car seat are very advanced and trustworthy, can move in 360 degrees too, so it can be put at the side. If there's someone else driving the car, maybe it's up to you if you want to carry or put in car seat. Sometimes, it makes sense we just want to relax for a short while and not always carrying baby.

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Thank you! But will i be issued a summon if im not the driver and carrying baby beside the driver seat?

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A car seat keeps baby safe! There are laws in some countries where you’re not allowed to bring baby hone from hospital unless you have a car seat. There are car seats suitable for newborns with isofix systems where the base is firmly attached to your car too.


I didn't put my baby in car seat until my baby has a strong neck. I am worried about the posture will hurt her etc.