Do any Mommies experience itchy skin condition change

I am in my 1st trimester, keep experiencing skin itchy. Even moisturer cleaner soap substitue from polyclinic does not work anymore. My tummy is full of itchy scratch scars.

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Yes it's normal. I'm using dove for shower very good for me and you need to start applying cream before stretch mark appears. Hope it helps!!

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I try many method and my skin itchy until end of 2md trim until My gynae prescribe me two kind of medicine and it's help.

You should try Wowo's shower gel. It helped my eczema skin from getting worse and cleared up the patches

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TMC Gynae prescribe me with this, apply thin layer for 1 time a day. 2 days later issue settled! Nice!

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Use coconut oil or bio oil to massage tummy. This is want my wife did and it helped.