Itchiness in 19 weeks pregnancy

I am in my 19weeks pregnant, but i have been having this itchiness on my whole body especially at night. Anyone have same experience? What do you do to curb the itch? I started using chinese herbal powder 'snake powder', to help ease the itch.

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Can it be dryness of the skin? Would it help to use more moisturising bath gels and apply lotions or creams?

I use the same thing!!!! But the liquid one. Cause it wouldn’t drop all over the drop and it lasts longer

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I use suu balm. U can get those small bottle to try out first and see if it works for you.

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Try Cetaphil or do get some cream from your gynaecologist...

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If it’s prolonged, check your liver function

I use Aloe Vera gel.