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I have known my pregnancy just this October 3 thru some PT kit, and because I was so busy printing for modules, I somehow forgot to visit a certain OB. And as time progresses, I realized that I was bleeding a lot from October 16 to 26, and still not minding it, thinking that maybe it was just normal. However, in October 19, I have come uo with a decision to visit an OB, because the pain was unbearable. As the OB checked me up, she found some sign of pregnancy in me despite of the amount of blood that's still coming off of me. However, the way she sounded was not that overwhelming. She then recommended I take some bed rest and take Duphaston, Filic Acid, and a Progesterone to insert into my private part. She later suggested to visit the clinic same day the following week. The following week as she examined me, although she was trying to be really nice, I could see the kind of looks that she gave away, like it was less of a positive reaction than the first visit I had, so I was worried. I was worried that though she was a little positive about what she knew, I had the feeling that she was just trying to be nice and considerate and just told me, "Let's wait for another week. Let's see if there's a development by then." My concern is that, I may have lost it in between those bleeding days, but still leaves a sign that I'm pregnant when in reality I had a miscarriage without me knowing. (I dunno, really). My question is, what should have i done? Or what shall i do now? Consult another OB? Or what? Please help me. Thank you. #1stimemom

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Just follow your ob’s instructions. If you’re instructed bed rest then do it. All you can do now is be patient and try to stay calm. Pray.