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Hello, I have the following questions regarding NIPT 1) I'll be 10+3 on my next appt, Dr did not mention about nipt testing in my previous appt. How are these tests offered to you, and at which week? 2) When are the NIPT results out? 3) How will you know the NIPT results? Through mail or next gynae appt? Thank you.

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1. When it is the right timing, you Dr will refer you to have a consultation re NIPT nurse. 2. 2 weeks; in KKH cost $750 net 3. If result is ok, in your next gynae appt. If there is an issue, KKH will call you to inform you earlier. Hope the above info is useful. Take care and God bless you and baby!

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I did NIPT test on my week 11, .