I have been trying to conceive for a long time now. Though I have never been superstitious, the yearning for a child is making me follow many superstitions. How do I stop myself from getting superstitious and be more practical?

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See, I think it will be easy for you to look into logic in things because you are conscious about the fact that you are getting superstitious. It would have been difficult or a no-return thing for you, had you been ignorant of how gradually you are falling into the abyss of superstitious world. I guess, a visit to a doctor will help you put all superstitions behind as he will tell you many ways through which you can conceive. Nowadays, even the difficult of cases have a breakthrough when it come stop conceiving and bearing a child. There is IVF, surrogacy, test tube babies. Also, you can watch programmes online, where there is detailed explanation of what things make it difficult for parents to become pregnant and what are the various ways through which one can bear a baby. Seeing, such programs will help you open your already open and intelligent approach towards conceiving which is getting clouded by superstition. Visit a doctor, look for options that you can go for to have a baby because when you are not finding solutions, you are getting frustrated and giving in to superstitions. So, it is very important to meet a professional in the medical field and look for solution.

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Go to the doctor and ask for guide how to get pregnant....