Best way to increase milk supply

I have been pumping for a month since i gave birth last month. Milk is getting lesser and lesser. I had to mix feed my baby, mostly formula since my supply is so low. Today after 45mins of pumping i only had 5ml. #pleasehelp I really need to know what is best to increase my milk supply. Also if i consume lactation cookies, after how long does it kick in for me to be able to pump?

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Super Mum

Hey mama, May I ask how old baby is? I see you’ve mentioned you’ve been pumping for a month - would that mean you are 1 months postpartum? Also, can I check if baby is gaining weight well? Further, would you consider direct latching?

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7mo ago

my baby is mostly on formula. we got separately 3 days after birth for 2 weeks as i was down w covid. baby is gaining well. however my milk is decreasing so its rather depressing. i tried massage, lactation tea and cookies but all didnt worked.