maternity milk & gestational diabetes

I have been diagnosed for gd. Is it okay for me to drink maternity milk once a day?

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I remember my gynae and dietician told me to just go ahead and drink it. They cut down the no of scoops. Initially it was 4 scoops as per the daily servings on the tin but both of them told me to reduce it to half; 2 scoops only.

I still drink about 200ml a day but i made sure that other foods that i eat together with maternal milk do not have sugar or low in sugar. You can also try low fat fresh milk as substitute.

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Better not my gynae keep advising me not to go for maternity milk. Normal full cream milk is better as maternity milk tend to have more sugar level.

I never drank maternity milk but drinking full cream fresh milk.. u can talk to your gynae.. as what we know maternity milk is sweet

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I was told to stop that milk totally. Only drink normal cows plain milk. Cannot drink those choc or strawberry flavoured

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Icic thanks!!

No, some maternity milk have high sugar content and are very sweet. Can switch to no sugar soy milk instead

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I stopped that and drank fresh full cream milk