I have a 4 year old son who goes to a primary school. We are a gujarati family with liberal religious views.We have not emphasized about god or religion to him.One day he came back from school and told us there is only 1 god and that is Allah.When asked,he said his teacher who is Muslim told him that. We do not want to make a big deal about it but he keeps saying this often.What do I do?

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So expose ur kids to all gods is my theory , ive taken my daughter to temples, churches, mosques and i tell her all god is one.also i think u should speak to the class teacher to avoid making such sta
You must talk to school management
You must connect with the school about this matter. Explain this entire event to management and let them decide for the further effects, but make sure to keep an eye on such kind of things again happe
i think you should talk to the school right away. no school should give any preference or attention towards religious tendencies of any form. the fact that your child is being put through religious
You need to talk to the school authorities immediately. A school is secular place where kids should be made to believe that all religions are equal. The concerned teacher needs to be talked to.