I have a 4 year old son. He stops using his milk bottle when his dentist told him na "no more milk in bottle, sa baso na lang para d na masira teeth mo lalo". He follows his dentist. But my problem is, he doens't like to drink his milk in glass. Any tips or other products that you can share how to have the needed calcium etc the milks have?

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You can give him a straw. Ganon yung tactic ko sa daughter ko. Paminsan ang arte uminom from the glass. She's also 4 years old. So bumili ako ng mga straws in different colors and got her a plastic cup with Disney Princess print on it. That worked. Other sources of calcium are dairy products like cheese and yogurt. Painumin mo rin ng yogurt drink.

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I agree with Sara, Sis! If hindi na niya hilig ang uminom ng gatas, you can opt for other alternatives like dairy products, yogurt and oranges. Pero if you want na uminom pa din siya ng milk, try using yung mga baso na may colorful prints ng mga fave characters niya. Makakadistract yun ng attention niya and baka maenganyo din siya to drink milk.

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Orange juice can be a good source of calcium and Vitamin D. Make sure to check the label. Yogurt din in fun, colorful cups! Fun straws could help encourage him to drink milk pero be careful not to buy the kind that's too hard baka kasi maka-affect sa pagtubo ng ngipin. :) Consult with your dentist din para super sure. Hope this helps!

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Hi Mommy regarding to your problem we can think of better way for our child to really in take proper nutrients like calcium. In my case i use to have it a fruit shake i mix my sons milk to fruits like mango which is my sons favourite fruit.

Sa case ng nephew ko, lagi namin siya binibigyan ng cheese, kasi favorite niya yun. So kahit konti lang yung inumin niya na milk, basta may alternative source siya ng calcium, okay lang :)

Agree with them sis! Usually colorful straws and cups ang pinaka effective pero ang ginagawa namin ay nagcocontest kami. Para sabay kami iinom ng milk para ganahan siya!

Thanks for all of your replies! I will try those. πŸ˜€