Overfed or not?

Good day! My Son is currently 8 days old, being a first time Dad I have no experience on Babies proper diet atm. I tried searching on social media and youtube regarding my childs diet, and it says he should be taking at most 2ounce per 2hours in ratio. But my Jarvis(Son) on the other hand can drink 4ounce, until he manage to stop crying (even after burping) and eventually shows satisfaction. We tried not to give him more than 2ounce but he never stops crying, we tried so hard like lifting him up and singing for him after feeding him with 2ounce but he never stops catching his own hands and opening his mouth as a sign that he still wants more milk. #firstbaby Is it OK that he gets more than 2ounch? Thank you

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Hi daddy, this is based on our experience with our little one during the first 3months. Our pedia told us to feed him 2 ounces per 2 hours just like what you've mentioned. But he drink more than that also he wanted to be feed most of the time. And based on what we have observe it is fine as long as he poops regularly. He will not be overfed as long as he keeps on pooping too. Also make sure to ALWAYS let him burp every after feeding. Plus, in case he got colic I suggest (again this is based on what we did to our little one) to give him hot compress but make sure that the hotness will not burn his skin. I hope this will help. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Thanks to your answer Syrell ๐Ÿ‘