Toddler constipation

I have 3 years old and we r having difficult poo poo time. He would go 5 days without poopoo. He just holds it back. His poopoo will be hard and big. Sometimes with streak of blood ?. I tried many ways to help him poopoo. Any suggestion?

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Keep adding prunes puree in his food here and there. Irrespective of being constipated or not, it helps to keep the kid’s Stomach soft, regular poo poo routine and happy tummy. Buy prunes , boil them and blend in a mixer and keep them refrigerated.

Thanks for the all the reply. We have seen paeds and placed him on probiotic, lactulose, and forlax. He poo is getting softer and frequent now. Hope it stays like that. Worry about relapse.

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Hi... you might wanna try some of the remedies suggested in this article

I would suggest you to introduce bananas purée to his meal and do some tummy rubbing for him after bath with ruyi oil. Hope it works!

Give lots of fruits and make sure he drinks plenty of water as well. Physical activity is also important to get the bowels moving .

Try giving him more fruits, food high in fibre and increase his water consumption. Hopefully it'll help.

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5 days without pooing is too long... Maybe go and see a Pd and see what he says?

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I’m giving biogaia as it is suppose to help with digestive and immunity

Lot of water, fruits and juices. Warm water in the morning really helps .

Try drinking more water, take probiotics and add fibres in the diet.