Hello! I have 3 1/2 month-0ld baby boy and im exclusively breastfeeding.. sa mga may babies same age as mine and bf din.. kumusta ang bowel movement ng babies nyo? My son poops every other day nung nag 3 months xa siya but today 3 days na siyang no poop.. is it normal mga mommies?

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For ebf'd babies yes. Ganyan din si lo. just last week 5x siya nag poop then 3days after pa ang next poop. Acdg to my ped, for bf babies, mas basehan ang consistency ng poo rather than the frequency. And long as baby isn't fussy pag d nkakapoop for ilang days, it's alright. I just do i love you massage pag 2days na xa d nkakapoop. :) but if you're really bothered mommy, best to ask your ped. :) hope this helps! :)

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I agree with Blair. Normal lang na hindi daily ang poop ng exclusively breasfed babies. The explanation to that is madali ma-digest ang breastmilk compared to formula and ung milk intake ni baby is just enough para ma digest agad.

I agree with Blair and Charm. May mga exclusively breastfed babies na hindi daily nagpupoop. As long as masigla naman sya and hindi uncomfy. If you can see na medyo hindi sya okay, you can visit your son's pedia din to be sure.

Yes, mommy. Normal yan sa mga purely breast-fed babies. Pero if worried ka pa rin mommy, you can visit her pedia. :)

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Ung 4 days po na di pag tae ni baby normal pa ba un? formula milk kasi baby ko masigla nmn sya.