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i have 2 issues here. 1) my 2.5 mths old girl has been on bottle feed (breast milk) till 2 weeks ago we decided to latch her when she woke up in the middle of the night for milk. gradually she rejected bottle and only want to be latched. my wife is returning to work soon and this wont work out. this has been for more than 1 week. 2) most worrying. she dont seems to be hungry. even when sometimes she accept bottle, it would be like 60-80ml, rejecting the remaining. and it can be like 4 hrs interval. wont she feels hungry or likely her stomach is full of gas which makes her feel full? yes she still pee and poo regularly and sleep well. any suggestion/advise?

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i had the same (2) issue as u too. my baby didnt seem hungry at all and just kept sleeping, when she latches she only latched for 1-5minutes. brought her to the PD because she didn’t poop for 11 days (fully breastfed). the PD said babies will cry if they are hungry.. and PD also commented she doesn’t seem like a hungry baby, and that she’s probably regulating her milk intake and didn’t need so much then. after hearing that i worried less. but now my baby is 3months+ gg on 4months and her weight percentile is falling, from 50-75th percentile to 25th percentile… so i’ll probably bring her to the PD again for further advice

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3y ago

Hi can share what the pd tells u after your visit?

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Hi there, You could try cup feeding or try giving her the bottle without your wife in the room. At this stage, baby is still going through a lot of developmental milestones and growth spurts may also be the cause of her fussing more than usual. Most mamas find that their baby will reverse cycle when they go back to work. This means that they will latch when Mama is home and drink the bare minimum that they need when mama is away. Be rest assured that babies do not know how to starve themselves :)

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ok will try cup feeding. did try bottle feeding and my wife is never in her sight whenever i feed my girl. yes i do agree they will definitely make known to us if they are hungry. just that abit worried for 1st time parents. thanks!

2.5months drinking 60-80ml sound fine, at this age should be feed by demand if mummy if going back to work soon try not to latch anymore, I pump n feed my boy when he's turning 3months before sending him to ifc on 4th month