New Obimin multivitamin

Hi I had when for my check up @ kkh 2 weeks ago but i did jot catch wat they say .. As in im not sure when to cosume this vitamin ? They say I can cosume it with folic acid . Im at 12 weeks now should I start Cosuming the vitamin ?

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Was this vitamin prescribed by your gynecologist? Please don’t take any medication or supplements without prescription. If prescribed by your gynecologist or hospital, you can always give them a call to confirm when you can start to consume the medications

4y ago

yup it was prescribed by the gynecologist... thank you for ur advice and respond 😁

Hello! You can consume the multivitamin when you enter your second trimester. Only folic acid is needed in first trimester. For second trimester onwards the contents of folic acid in the multivitamin is sufficient so you don't need to consume both.

4y ago

Thank you so much for the information its really helpful ...❤

Yes you can consume New Obimin once you enter 2nd trimester, so long it’s prescribed by your gynae. My gynae prescribed me the same and I have since been taking one tablet a day.. :)

4y ago

Thank you for sharing ur opinion sista 😊

multi-vits usually starts when you enter 2nd trimester together with folic acid. I was also prescribed calcium pills...