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I had two miscarriages previously; 2020 - incomplete miscarriage (Had D&C) ; at 6 weeks 2021 - missed miscarriage ; at 10 weeks And recently, just found out I’m pregnant. Shd I immediately refer to a doctor or keep chill and wait until at least 10 weeks ? #pleasehelp

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Once pregnancy is confirmed, please consume folic acid and never skip. You can fix appointments with the nearest KK during your 8th / 9th week of pregnancy and to check on fetus and heartbeats❤️ Meanwhile, have a lot of rest and don't do any hard work or carry anything heavy.

hi .. kita sama.. 2 kali gugur.. skrg sy preggy 16 mnggu.. saya book appoitmnt buku pink pada 8 weeks.. and buat buku pink pada 10 weeks.. boleh call kk terdekat utk book appoitmnt sbb buat buku pink kena by appoitmnt