Lactating after miscarriage at 11 weeks

Hi all, I had a missed miscarriage that was discovered at 11 weeks (baby stopped developing at 8.5 weeks). My breasts were hardly swollen through my pregnancy and my nausea went away completely almost immediately. Had my D&C 3 days ago and woke up today to sore and painful breasts. I noticed a milky clear liquid leaking out of my nipple today and was wondering if anyone knows if this means I am lactating. I've tried to do Google searches on lactating after miscarriage and abortion but most advice is about how to stop the lactation (because it is emotionally and physically painful). But I see this as a gift from my baby. I am actually considering to express the milk and either donating or storing the milk for the future since we are going to try again for a child immediately. Anyone tried expressing after a pregnancy loss successfully? Not sure if I can do so since I was only 11 weeks along. Any thoughts or experiences to share? Would greatly appreciate it.

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Firstly, am so sorry for your loss. I hope you're keeping well during this difficult time I lost a baby at 10 weeks and my gynae was surprised I was lactating after. Unfortunately at this stage the fluid your breasts are producing isn't really milk yet so it may not be helpful to express it. It will go away by itself in a couple of weeks I hope this helps somewhat. Take care of yourself ❤️

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Just a follow up, I saw my gynea and she confirmed it was indeed milk and colostrum. She was absolutely surprised that I had so much milk. Sad not to have a baby to drink it but hoping my hormones go back to normal soon!