Am I ovulating?

I had a miscarriage (11 weeks) and did a D&C 4 weeks ago. Started lactating and immediately started suppressing it. Have not gotten first menses yet. Did both an ovulation test (green, top) and pregnancy test (purple, bottom) today. Both came back positive! I know my hcg levels haven't dropped from the miscarriage. But if the ovulation test came back positive, does it mean I am ovulating? Also having egg white like mucusy discharge 😊 #advicepls #hcg #ovulation #test

Am I ovulating?
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Hi Faith, your harmones are still not settled yet. Your ovulation stick looks positive however just so that you know your ovulation sticks also picks up the same harmones as pregnancy. My advice will be let your body rest properly and heal from the miscarriage before trying again.

Super Mum

you might be ovulating, give it a shot babe!


looks like ovulating